The Weston Hospital Situation in a Nutshell


Weston Hospital is at risk of being sold to a  private company.

The authorities will say this is just a “franchise” and will make no difference.

But in the long run it must make a difference, because Weston is in financial difficulty, about £5 million in the red.

Private corporations have shareholders and directors who want to be fed with large and regular injections of cash, so this will only make the financial difficulty worse.

First, they will increase the number of private beds at first in order to generate funds. That must mean less NHS beds. Later on, they may close A&E, and turn it into a treatment centre like Emerson’s Green in Bristol.

We can stop this happening, and persuade them to go with the Bristol hospitals bid.

But to do this will need a huge campaign of petitions, leafleting, rallies, meetings, letter writing and lobbying of John Penrose MP.

You can help by printing off this page as a leaflet and distributing it to family and friends.
If you want to get in touch with the campaign (we especially need leafletters) use this email: 


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  1. Now here you've misunderstood how the NHS works, at first hand it would seem that for a private corporation to make money they'd increase the number of private beds.

    No this is the last thing they'd do, if you look at the PFI builds in the North the first thing they do is actually reduce the number of all beds. This is so that they take less patients who's conditions will involve long term costly medical cover and they can then concentrate on the premium short term cases that they can get in and out within a day.

    Thus privatisation could mean that your no longer admitted to Weston General because your case is uneconomic for them but instead sent to Bristol and Taunton, while people from these areas are sent to Weston. Also the A&E could be downgraded so that such cases don't come through the door.