Friday, 25 October 2013

George Osborne's links with Health Care companies

Part 2 of our series on cabinet members' financial links with the Health Care Industry:
George Osborne the Chancellor.

Osborne invited Lord Nash, chairman of Care UK (interested in WGH) and founder of Sovereign Capital, which runs a string of private Health Care firms, to join his HM Treasury Independent Challenge Group, whose remit is to “question the unquestionable” in the Treasury's austerity drive.

Osborne is a friend of Geoff Bridges, who lobbies for Quiller which lobbies for Capita (interested in  WGH). Quiller is owned by Huntsworth, a healthcare communications group.

Osborne received help in develping policy from Boston Consulting Group who work extensively in healthcare. Three other firms with healthcare connections have advised Osborne with policy development.

Sources and links for this information can be found on the excellent Social Investigatons blog.

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