What You Can Do to Help

Although the pressure will be on the various committees to choose a private corporation for the franchise, this is definitely a campaign that we the people who use Weston Hospital can win.

First, the whole issue was started because Weston has to become a Foundation Trust, and Foundation Trusts are supposed to make the local hospital responsive to the needs of the local population. Therefore we are in an immensely powerful moral position.

Second, the scandal of Kathy Headdon's conflict of interest places the committees on their back foot. It can only be a matter of time before she resigns. The longer she hangs on, the bigger the noise when she falls.

So - be ready to join.
Here's what you can do:

  1. Join the email list. Just email wghcampaign@gmail.com wghcampaign@gmail.com and we will keep you in touch with what's going on.
  2. Distribute leaflets. We will be printing some soon, but in the meantime, you can print a few of your own off from here for distribution to friends, family and neighbours.
  3. Write to your councillor. You can find their addresses here.
  4. Write to your MP. There is a letter here that you can use, but try to change the wording and especially try to put a comment and question of your own to the MP. John Penrose is a Conservative, but he is not a bad man, and has campaigned for the NHS in the locality, but it is going to take a lot of pressure to make him change.

    We will be organising a lobby or two at his surgery in the future. Please join in when this is organised.
  5. There will be a petition organised in the future
  6. Look out for the public meeting in Weston in coming months. 

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  1. The petition is now up and running on change.org

    Petition to Keep Weston General Hospital our of Private Health Company Hands

    In 2012 the coalition government passed the Health and Social Care Act which effectively opened up the NHS to private health companies from across the world.

    The Weston General Hospital Campaign represents a large group of North Somerset's residents who are very concerned about the damage this could cause for the future of their hospital.

    Weston General is too small to become an NHS Foundation Trust Hospital under the new rules and must either be taken under the wing of a Foundation Trust like University Hospitals Bristol Trust or be run by a private health corporation which could reduce or run poorer services as it will put profit before patients.

    The decision on the future of Weston General will not be taken by the hospital's management, but by a national body, the Trust Development Authority, which reports directly to the Secretary of State for Health - the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt. To add to the confusion, North Somerset's Clinical Commissioning Group will decide which services should be run at the hospital.

    The petition we are asking you to sign will be presented to the Trust Development Authority in London on behalf of the people of North Somerset and will call on it to allow Weston General Hospital to become part of an existing NHS Foundation Trust Hospital and for the continuation of a 24/7 Accident and Emergency Department at the hospital.

    Sign the change.org petition now:


    Patients Before Profit