Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Letter to Weston Mercury on Cabinet Members' interests in health industry

I have sent this letter to the Weston Mercury:

Dear Editor

Readers may remember that the Weston Patients Before Profits Campaign asked John Penrose MP to look into the number of Cabinet Ministers who have financial interests in private health corporations. Our MP took the view that this was not something he should be expected to do. The Weston Patients Before Profits campaign has therefore done the research, and we have found that five Cabinet Ministers, and also five senior MPs who have access to the Cabinet, have private financial interests in the health care industry. Some of these are directly involved in Circle and Care UK who are interested in taking on the franchise of our Weston hospital. In addition to this, the Conservative party was given in excess of £95,000 by health and pharmaceutical industries in 2011.

It would be naive to suppose that these financial interests do not influence the decisions of Government regarding whether Weston General Hospital should be taken over by an NHS group or by a private corporation. The only way that these vested interests can be overcome is by a significant community protest.


Dr Richard Lawson
Walnut House
BS25 5NT

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